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Pooh Sandwhich maker (Yellow)
RM 379.00
Item description
Pooh, a hot sandwich maker with cute piglets and honey pots.
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Product Details

Pooh, a hot sandwich maker with cute piglets and honey pots. 

Pooh's point is a yellow-colored hot sand dedicated home appliance that attracts attention in the kitchen. If you set 2 pieces of bread with 8 slots on the left and right, you can make 4 easy-to-eat triangular hot sandwiches. Variations are your preference. With hand which is convenient for movement and thermo lamp indication. 

It's perfect for busy mornings because you can do a lot at once. Start with a pooh smile and hot hot sandwiches! 

Size: height approximately 9.5 x width 23.5 x depth 23.5 (cm)

Weight: Approx. 1.4kg

Material: ABS

Country of Manufacture: China


* Power supply: AC100V 

* Power consumption: 700W 

* Accessories: Instruction manual 

* Warranty period: Body 1 year 

[Please note! ] 

★ Turn ON / OFF by Plugging / Unplugging

★ This machine is only for hot sandwich using bread. Cooking using dough (such as weak flour) is not possible. Do not use it for business purposes. 

★ This product can only be used in Japan, not overseas. 

★ Doing so may cause injury, burns, or electric shock. Do not use it for children alone or within reach of infants. 

★ Do not let this product get wet with water or do not wet it as this may cause a short circuit or electric shock. 

★ The moisture in the food comes out as steam, which may cause burns. Be very careful when opening the lid. 

★ Do not cook with the lid open as this may cause smoke, fire or malfunction.

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