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Buyer Strategy
Buyer Strategy Traveller Strategy

Step 1: Submit Order and make payment

Upload the overseas product detail you want to purchase and make payment, easier and faster way for travellers purchase while found the product


*If your request under "pending purchase" tab traveller has to purchase in 24 hours otherwise the request will be back to “Awaiting offer” and look for other travellers to purchase.

If your order is not match with your price and expected date you need to manually accept offer from:-

i) Multi traveller offer to help

ii) Traveller return date longer than expected received date

iii) Traveller request for top up


*if your request in "pending accept" , requester has to accept traveller’s offer in 24hours otherwise the order will be back to awaiting offer

You can communicate with traveller thru comment by clicking “reply” / message (*Please take note Grabean is prohibited user exchange contact details, if found violate the rules account will be suspended)


Step 2: Received product

After receiving your order you can click release payment to Traveller and rate

* You can check your order status through My Request