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Country >> United States >> Echo Plus (2nd Gen) with Philips Hue Bulb - Alexa smart home starter kit - Charcoal
Echo Plus (2nd Gen) with Philips Hue Bulb - Alexa smart home starter kit - Charcoal
Qty:1United States
Product Price:RM 600.00
Product Details
Lifestyle Gadgets 2019-05-21
United States Yes
Amazon.com (Amazon USA) Yes
RM 600.00 RM 600.00
It is sold in Amazon website in US, that will ship to you for free when you are there. I would like the Echo Plus (2nd generation) charcoal color, which comes with a free philips hue smart bulb, it is available on the option. Please see the URL I provided. The current promo price is USD 119.99 during mother's day promo for few days, including the bulb and free shipping.
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  • ecyo 2019-05-13 23:27:30
    yay, thanks austin! the price got increased also, so luckily you helped in time. btw, not sure how grabean works, but you might have to set the pending purchase to purchased. Reply
  • austinlhk 2019-05-13 08:00:13
    Yep. Ive already purchased it for you ya :) Reply
  • ecyo 2019-05-13 04:06:06
    hi austin, are you still going to take help on this? the sale will end today and if the price increases $45 USD then i would just cancel the item. thanks. Reply
  • ecyo 2019-05-10 20:51:29
    dont worry.i have already topped up. you could proceed now. thanks Reply
  • austinlhk 2019-05-10 20:49:25
    Heyy. Sorry for the late reply, I've topped up the amount needed to pay already. Will purchase once confirmed :D Reply
  • ecyo 2019-05-10 17:41:00
    hi austin, i get the notification on my phone as well so i can finish the payment quite fast. let me know if we can finalized the deal and buy the item sooner. :) because if there is no promo price then it's not worth it and my friend could help me to get next next month. thanks for your help. Reply
  • Grabean Admin 2019-05-10 17:36:18
    Hi Austinlhk, please click on request top up button (web version) and Ecyo can proceed to the payment. Thank you Reply
  • ecyo 2019-05-10 02:07:31
    Hi Austin, yea i can top up the extra RM 20. could you help to purchase now? price will increase soon haha. thanks. and please choose the charcoal option with free smart bulb. let me know when you got it. Reply
  • austinlhk 2019-05-10 02:06:11
    I’ve not yet purchase yet. Going to purchase now, just checked that 119 is not inclusive of tax. After tax is 125, can I top up rm20 for the tax? Thanks Reply
  • ecyo 2019-05-09 09:16:36
    Austin, it is pending purchase from your side. Could you let me know if you've gotten item the item? Thanks. Reply
  • ecyo 2019-05-08 13:33:34
    Hi Austin, I am fine with the date. Is the price details and everything okay? If so I will proceed with the payment :) Reply
  • austinlhk 2019-05-08 09:34:37
    I'll be returning to Malaysia on the 25th May. Let me know if you want me to help you purchase this item :) Reply