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Country >> Cambodia >> Cafe Mondulkiri Black & Sugar Coffee 2in1 x 2 boxes
Cafe Mondulkiri Black & Sugar Coffee 2in1 x 2 boxes
Product Price:RM 67.50
Product Details
Food & Drinks 2019-08-10
Cambodia Yes
shop Yes
RM 67.50 RM 67.50
2in1 instant coffee. Flagship store in Phnom Penh, Khan Doun Penh district but was told it is also available in some supermarkets in Phnom Penh (Lucky, Bayon). Note that I have uploaded the picture for 3in1 coffee but I want the 2in1 specifically (can't find picture for 2in1 box, only sachet). Apparently there are several brands with the name Mondulkiri in it but I only want this specific brand - notice the logo. Please buy 2 boxes. Price indicated is for 2 boxes. Thank you!!
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  • flouris 2019-08-07 23:41:46
    Hi, will look for it in Siem Reap supermarket and let u know by 11th Aug. Reply